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Eight Syrian soldiers were wounded in an Israeli airstrike on a building in the southern suburbs of Damascus as reported by Syria's Ministry

Friday, 03 May 2024 02:30:05

Russian media:

"В результате атаки Израиля в пригороде Дамаска ранено восемь военнослужащих "-

""Коммерсант": Крымский мост в октябре 2022 года взорвали при помощи СВУ, в котором использовалось твердое ракетное топливо -- Meduza "-

"В шести районах Приморья установили высокий класс пожароопасности леса "-

Artificial intelligence commentary on cited information:

Eight Syrian soldiers were wounded in an Israeli airstrike on a building in the southern suburbs of Damascus as reported by Syria's Ministry of Defense and the SANA news agency. The attack happened around 10:05 pm local time on May 2nd, originating from the Syrian Golan Heights occupied by Israel. The airstrike caused material damage as well. It should be noted that previously, on April 1st, Syrian defense ministry reported an Israeli Air Force strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which completely destroyed the building, injuring 13 people including six Syrians, and resulting in the death of seven Iranian officers, among them two high-ranking generals.

The Crimean Bridge was blown up in October 2022 using a homemade explosive device (HED) made from solid rocket fuel, according to "Kommersant" which cited results from a blast technical expertise. Experts determined the device's power to be equivalent to ten tons of TNT. The explosive material was concealed under polyethylene wrap, acting as a casing. Reportedly, the 22 pallets of this material weighing 22.7 tons were shipped from Odessa to Bulgaria in August 2022, then to Armenia via Georgia where documents were changed during customs clearance, and then back to Georgia. Eventually, in October, the material crossed the Russia-Georgia border and was sent to a wholesale base in Armavir, Krasnodar Krai. Russian citizen Mahir Yusubov, who died in the explosion, transported the wrap. The detonation used hexogen-based substance, most likely C-4 or PE-8, which triggered by a GPS signal upon reaching a pre-set point. The bridge explosion occurred on the morning of October 8, 2022, causing a partial collapse of one of the vehicle traffic lanes and a fire on a rail transport of cisterns. In August 2023, SBU head Vasyl Maliuk admitted responsibility for the plot and execution, without detailing how the explosives were delivered to the bridge, confirming the wrap concealed the explosives and that Ukrainian special services disabled Russian GPS jammers to detonate the truck mid-bridge.

A high forest fire danger level, the fourth severity, has been declared for the next three days in six districts of the Primorsky region, as updated by the Primorsky Hydrometeorological Center. From May 3-5, this high level of fire danger is expected due to meteorological conditions in the northern regions (Krasnoarmeysky, Pozharsky, Terneysky districts) as well as parts of the south (Pogranichny, Partizansky, Lazovsky districts). Rain in the southern regions is not expected until May 6-7, while a strong cyclone is anticipated from the Yellow Sea into central parts of the Sea of Japan, possibly bringing rain and stormy winds to these southern areas.